Usability Test for Healthcare Website

Johns Hopkins learning resource is an online portal for hospital employees to use to access vital information and protocol.  I conducted a usability test to see how the website will work in critical situations.

After conducting four usability tests I wrote a report to analyze my findings.  This also led to card sorting to see the primary problem with the website.

Test Report


After thoroughly examining my findings I concluded the main problem was the search engine.  It was too vague, then too cumbersome.  In an emergency situation when seconds count it was vital to have the initial search query yield significant results.  The current model had one search bar function (lower left image).  After the user entered the search keyword another screen popped up to narrow the results (lower right image).



I redesigned the search engine to allow more control for the initial search query (image below).  This allowed the user to type a keyword, then narrow the protocol to only included the selected department and patient age range from the drop down menu.  By selecting primary constraints initially the search result found the proper protocol much faster than the initial search method.



UX Research Methodology to Increase Sales for Car Dealership


When my client decided to switch to a CRM software they also restructured their sales department.  They wanted to best utilize the software, find their core demographic, and create new sales tactics.  I used UX research methodologies to help find their target customer base.  I began with stakeholder and consumer interviews.



Based on user surveys and interviews I created typical user personas.  These helped by letting the team focus on who they needed to target.  The goal of creating the personas was to develop sales tactics for the continued service contracts by finding what the customer valued.



Based on the results from the stakeholder interviews, user surveys and user personas the company found their core demographic.  This allowed the marketing team to create new advertising focused on the new found values for the users.  I then created a best practice guide for the CRM.


Lo-fi Prototype for Social News Desk


While working in broadcast news I helped manage our social media presence.  We decided to incorporate a program called social news desk to help manage our accounts on multiple outlets.  The first thing we had to do was measure our metrics to find the best time to post for the most engagement.



After using various analytic tools we were able to measure the best times to post news content, and the best time to start teasing various segments.  Social News Desk was very easy to use, but the search feature could be improved.  On my own time I did a low fi prototype for a new search feature.



There was no general search feature so if I wanted to search across multiple platforms for a keyword that might not be a hashtag it was impossible.  This would be a very useful feature to have in breaking news if there was a major event or natural disaster.  In my new feature design you would be able to access the search bar via a command key shortcut, and make it disappear by the same method.  For an example I used “jobs” as a search query.


Searching for the keyword “jobs”
The search results


The new feature would grey out all non-relevant information and only highlight posts that contain the keyword searched for.  This would be a very quick search feature that would scan across all social media accounts followed by the social news desk user.